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The Funhouse Circus: Joseph Kahn (director of Detention) speaks out against piracy! 


I have ALWAYS been anti-leaks for music or movies and I know the director almost went broke trying to make this movie and he used up his own movie to share his vision with people, so I think it’s VERY sad that people illegally download

Read what he has to say here:

I saw it for free but if it comes out in france I’ll definitely buy it, this movie is freaking amazing


Josh Hutcherson Detention 2012

Watch Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook Discuss Music Blogs in an Exclusive Detention Clip 

"But I got him before Hunger Games, that’s the thing! When he was around, I knew Josh was going to be a star. Part of my job as a music video director is to spot talent, you know, pick the right song, pick the right track and then turn them into stars. It was very obvious to me that Josh was a diamond in the rough. He had a certain reputation but he wasn’t Peeta yet, you know? But I knew that at some point, that kid was going to blow up. He has charisma, he has looks, he has an amazing smile, and he’s like a 30-year-old man in a 17-year-old body. He’s really smart. Okay, so this kid’s definitely going to blow up. And when I got him on board, it was like getting Apple stock at $2 and then suddenly he’s in The Hunger Games and I’ve got a $600 stock!"
- Joseph Kahn, on Josh Hutcherson (via fleurdelit)