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"It’s alright my jaw can handle it"
- Josh Hutcherson

Gosh I’m so weak when it comes to spoiler …. 

Okay I might be crazy but for me it seems like Josh’s voice is not the same when he speaks french 

Just ignore me

Just bought tickets to go watch Catching Fire in Imax 

I think Josh got kidnapped by fangirls 

I tking I’m gonna cry this is so exciting 

So Josh’s fan are allowed to judge Claudia all the time without any real proof, and nobody says anything about it, but when amanda tries to do something nice and defend them she’s called a liar. 

I feel like I’m the only person in the fandom who doesn’t mind Claudia 


I actually think it’s sweet that he tries to go see her when he have the chance to do so .

I’m wondering if Josh doesn’t mention his hip tatoo because of the nudes … 

So the cast of Catching fire is going to Philadelphia on the 3rd of Novembre, I’m going there on the 5th 

I hate my life