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CatchingFiire in IMAX tonight !!! 

So fucking excited :,)

Gosh I’m so weak when it comes to spoiler …. 

Just bought tickets to go watch Catching Fire in Imax 

I tking I’m gonna cry this is so exciting 

So the cast of Catching fire is going to Philadelphia on the 3rd of Novembre, I’m going there on the 5th 

I hate my life


I’m under the impression that Francis Lawrence is making fun of the way Gary did the Hunger Games… 

I’m not happy with that


Does anybody know if there’ll be a premiere in New York 

And if there is what’s the date ? Thanks guys !

How are suppose to wait until november now ???? 

In my safety on aiplane class 

In my safety on aiplane class

Teacher: if an airline looses your luggage, it's sent to Atlanta, so you have to wait until they get it back ( in France)
Me: or I can go there and get them, I mean there's the Catching Fire cast there so I wouldn't mind !!
My friend: Seriously Candice ?
Me: sorry but I'm not sorry xD