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Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart 2005 - 2012

I actually got to talk to Kristen Stewart tonight for the first time in five years, at least. That was awesome to connect with her again, especially after everything that’s happened to the both of us. It’s nice to just kind of be able to talk again and hopefully have some sort of friendship. She’s fantastic.” - Josh Hutcherson



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Check out where Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks & other stars will be sitting at the MTV Movie Awards


idk, they’re just cute af. 

Is that a loaf or bread in your pocket  or are you just happy to see me ?


MTV interview LQ

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I love Peeta. 

Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson- Yes or No with MTV (YOUTUBE)

Hello! I've been desperately trying to find a joint interview with Josh and Jennifer, and I can't find one anywhere! :[ I'm from the UK, so US MTV video's won't work! Any links to video's you know of would be so greatly appreciated, you have no idea ;]

You mean the Yes or No interview ? If yes I have it on my computer so I’m going to put it on youtube ;)

If you mean this other interviews here they are :

I’ll put the link of the Yes or No interview on my blog very soon ;)